For over 20 years QES has positioned itself as a leading and trusted engineering partner in the delivery of secure power services and solutions.

We provide reliable secure power where uninterrupted power is critical, such as telecommunications, health and range of other industries.

We have become a leader in bringing technology and engineering together to create innovative solutions, taking initial concepts through to bespoke state-of-the-art design to protect the critical operations of our clients.

Our combined technical and operational expertise, qualified Project Managers and fully trained service team along with our commitment to excellence continuously delivers outstanding client service leading to our prestigious reputation as one of the most trusted providers of standby power solutions.

Our product knowledge and experience provide complete lifecycle management along with comprehensive service plans to maximise the reliability of your critical power systems.

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Our Standards

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DC and UPS Systems

Resilient and reliable DC and AC critical back up power solutions and services

Battery Testing & Servicing

Batteries for all applications supported by our team who can assist in specifying and designing your storage

AC and DC Project Works

High quality specialist AC/DC electrical contracting services to the Telecommunications and IT sector.

Infrastructure Build and Structured Cabling

Qualified and experienced engineers providing flexible solutions for core network new builds and upgrades.

Renewable Energy Systems

Our unique experience and expertise in sustainable power solutions to reduce energy costs and positively impact the environment we operate and live in.